Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will [product name] be back in stock??

A: Please feel free to send us an email or send us a message in any of our social networks. Our customer support representatives will give you the most accurate expected restock date.

    Q: Where are you guys shipping it from?

    A: Your order will be shipped from one of our storage facilities within the US, UK or Canada. This assures a fast and safe delivery experience.

    Q: Do you deliver internationally, outside the United States?

    A: Currently, we can only ship to the US, UK and Canada, meaning you won't be able to place an order to any other territory. While this is the case, you can find most of our products in your local Amazon store.

    Q: I wasn't satisfied with my order. Can I return my planner?

    A: Absolutely! We have a 60-day guarantee for our customers. Please get in touch and we will resolve your issue momentarily!

    Q: I ordered the wrong planner. Can I exchange it?

    A: Please contact our support team at and we will send the correct planner as quickly as possible.

    Q: My planner came with a defect. Can I exchange it?

    A: Absolutely! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our customers! To resolve your issue, we offer two options: a full refund or a product replacement.

    Q: My planner hasn't arrived yet. Can you check my order status?

    A: Yes! Contact our support team at with your order ID number, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Q: I placed a wrong order. Can I cancel it?

    A: It depends on where you ordered from:
    If you ordered from Amazon, you can easily cancel it yourself.
    If you ordered from our home page, you cannot cancel it yourself, unfortunately. Please contact our support team at, and we will be happy to assist you with your cancelation, if the product hasn't been shipped yet.

    Q: Do you have a physical store?

    A: Currently, we don’t have a physical store. Although…Who knows? Maybe one day :)

    For More Support Contact us at Contact Us page