Undated Daily Planner - Life is Better With A Plan
Undated Daily Planner - Life is Better With A Plan
Undated Daily Planner - Life is Better With A Plan
Undated Daily Planner - Life is Better With A Plan
Undated Daily Planner - Life is Better With A Plan
Undated Daily Planner - Life is Better With A Plan
Undated Daily Planner - Life is Better With A Plan
Undated Daily Planner - Life is Better With A Plan
Undated Daily Planner - Life is Better With A Plan
Undated Daily Planner - Life is Better With A Plan
Undated Daily Planner - Life is Better With A Plan
Undated Daily Planner - Life is Better With A Plan
Undated Daily Planner - Life is Better With A Plan
Undated Daily Planner - Life is Better With A Plan
Undated Daily Planner - Life is Better With A Plan
Undated Daily Planner - Life is Better With A Plan

Undated Daily Planner - Life is Better With A Plan

110 reviews
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It All Starts With a Plan..

Let’s be honest. We all have big dreams. Some of us even have goals!

But turning them into a reality? It takes hard work, dedication, and...

A plan.

Yes, a plan. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, save time on doing chores, or start your own pet rock business - the first thing you want to do is to write down a plan.

In fact, according to research, it’s the single most important thing you can do to succeed!

 And with the Clever Fox Daily, the sky - well, the ink - is the limit!

A Small Tool For BIG Dreams..

Clever Fox Daily was designed to be uncluttered, lightweight, and very easy to use. 

It’s a 6-month daily version of our signature product - the Clever Fox Weekly Planner!

Now, let’s dive deep into what makes CF Daily one of our best-selling planners: 

  • Plan Your Day! Living day to day is officially in style! And it’s an incredibly effective way to stay on top of your game and faithful to your long-term vision!

  • There’s a Box For Everything! Write down your goals for each day of the week, your priorities, notes, to-do lists. Use the daily checkboxes to mark whether you’re on the right track with your good (and bad!) habits or new skills. Add your wins from this week and take notes on how to win even more next week.

  • Evoke the Law of Attraction! We all know positive thoughts help but a written goal or affirmation is that much more powerful. Write down your goal, track your daily progress, and you will soon notice just how life-changing a pen and paper can be.

  • Stay Productive Every Day! Clever Fox Daily Planner is MUCH more than just a glorified diary. It’s that friend that wants the best for you, keeps you accountable, and, thanks to built-in daily reminders, gives you a kick in the butt when you’re slacking off!

  • Pick up from where you left off! Sometimes, putting our plans on hold is inevitable - what matters is that we hop back on the grind as soon as we are able. That’s why CF Daily is undated, so that you easily continue without starting all over again!

Giving Back to Nature

We’ll plant a tree for each order to offset deforestation in the paper industry. While less than 1% of a tree is used to produce one planner, we’re determined to contribute to a better tomorrow by repaying nature a hundredfold. And it wouldn’t be possible without you.

Specifications & Technical Details 

Clever Fox Daily Planner is made with a high-quality vegan leather soft cover and comes with: 

  • Pen holder
  • Elastic strap closure
  • 3x colorful bookmarks
  • Inner pocket for small and important things
  • 3x colorful sticker sheets

Size: A5 - 8.25 x 5.75 in

Additional information:

  • Created using high-quality materials
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Includes a quick start user manual with filled examples for your reference

    100% risk-free

    Our promise

    Each Clever Fox order comes with a 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee!

    So if you're not absolutely in love with your purchase, we'll give you a full refund.

    Built to last

    All Clever Fox planners are made by hand using the best materials on the market & with the utmost attention to the finer details.

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    Catherine B.
    United States United States

    I Heart Clever Fox

    I've been on a planner journey this year and have purchased 7 and watched a ton of additional video reviews for the ones that I haven't. This planner was purchased somewhere in the middle of all of that. And now that I have a clearer vision of what my planner needs are (which is so different for all of us - and it actually takes awhile to determine your likes, dislikes and the elements that you actually use/are most important), I went back to and am sticking with this one. (Though I'm tempted by the Clever Fox Pro for a variety of reasons!) Anyway, I think no matter what your planner needs, you would not go wrong with a Clever Fox product as they do offer a very nice variety and one is likely to suit. And the quality is good, and the company is super-responsive, and always tweaking their designs. PROS: I love the paper. The 120 gsm weight and bright white color are awesome (I hate dark cream/yellow looking paper). I get no bleed-through or ghosting with gel pens, highlighters (as I did with other planners). I love the cover. It has a soft, inviting/touchable, but sturdy feel. (Other planners had a cheaper feel.) I love the binding. (I find that other companies say they have a lay-flat binding, but this one really works. And has not fallen apart either, but I would have to update on that.) 3 bookmarks, an elastic, and back pocket are non-negotiable for me, and all are present here. The layout of this daily is pretty unique and I love it for the following reasons. 1) I love that it's 6 months instead of 3 (more common with dailies). But still nicely comfortable in the hand and easy to transport. 2) It has ONE daily page. (Many dailies have two pages for each day, which is too much for me, and weekly layouts tend to have too little space for me. This seems just right!) 3) The way it is set up is just so smart and I have seen no other planner set up this way: The monthly spreads are at the front. Then each week starts with one weekly PREVIEW page (one element of which is a habit tracker, another must for me) Then 7 daily pages (one for each day). Then one BLANK (dot-grid) page. Then one weekly REVIEW page. 4) 23 additional blank pages at the end. By "blank" I mean that these are all dot-grid pages, which I totally prefer to either entirely blank or lined pages. I think the color and sizing of the dot grid is perfect. (I had read reviews where it was darker and closer together in older versions, but not in mine. It is a nice med-light grey about 5 mm apart.) So you get basically 2 blank pages per week if you want to look at it at that way. (one within each week, and then one at the back, minus a couple), which is SO great (and so much more than a lot of other planners) CONS: The ONLY con for me is that I don't require so much of a scheduling component (but I'm sure many people do, so I totally get why it's set up like that). I just washi tape over the numbers and use one side for scheduling, and the other side for gratitude and reflection/notes. But that is SO minor compared to the drawbacks, or much more extensive hacking I've had to do to try to make other planners work. Other tiny notes: I might add a few more goal or project planning-type pages at the front, but the fact there are some there already is great. I would add a 2020-2021 tiny calendars spread. And add just a few more blank pages at the back (so it's at least 26.) But again TOTALLY minor stuff compared to the ways other options fall short for me!


    Unbelievable Deal and Impact

    This is the most EFFECTIVE, MOTIVATING tool I have ever found for planning out productivity and getting moving on my projects. I have looked for something like this for years and finally you've created it for me. It's simply a question of quality of life. If you have big ideas, dreams, places you want your life to take you, you need a plan that isn't insane or rigid. You need tools that work with human foibles and the limits of time and resources. This planner lets you be ambitious and dream big while not getting down on yourself for imperfections. It has goals but it's not goal obsessed. It's about living your life in such a way that your daily behavior will eventually instantiate your goals. It's about positive self-regard and always being able to see what you've done RIGHT. Too many productivity tools make you feel like you're the problem, like you're the reason your dreams aren't happening. Clever Fox planner lets you see that you are fine exactly as you are and while your dreams are counting on you, life is larger than something as banal as simple goal setting. it's organic, holistic and joyful. From the form factor to the materials to the thoughtful design, you won't find a better way to act on your best self.



    I absolutely love organization and planning my days, weeks, months. This daily planner gives me the layout of organizing my day without me having to think of all the headers, priority tabs etc. It even has time frames per day! I don't plan on going back to a simple store bought planner, ever! I just purchased the weekly planner for my business, cannot wait to get that one this week. YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE!

    Alexis M.
    United States United States

    Best solution

    I have been an Erin Condren/Plum Paper planner user for eight years. I have been battling severe anxiety for some time. I realized that as fun as my pretty stickers and complex "perfect" planners were, they were perpetuating my anxiety. Clever fox is the perfect blend of simplicity and function!!!

    Christina M.
    United States United States

    Love. Love. Love.

    Absolutely love it. I purchased this planner because I found google calendar the best option to plan my life, appointments, work, sports etc. I am using this planner for productivity and reflection. So far I am loving it.