Why Goal Setting is So Important

Why Goal Setting is So Important
If you've ever felt the disappointment that is the result of not meeting a goal, then you've discovered something vital about goal setting.

It's not Easy.

Failing to meet goals happens for many reasons, but one of the most common is the failure to plan. Following closely upon that reason is a failure to track progress. However, if you can get specific about your goals and how you will achieve them, then you are setting yourself up for success.

Attain Goals

This works for any goal whether it is personal, professional, spiritual or something else entirely. First, it's vital to understand that goal setting actually works. There's science to back that up.

Science Supports Setting Goals for Success

Researchers Edwin A. Locke and Gary P. Latham are the foremost experts when it comes to setting goals. They published a study that required 35 years to complete. Among the findings is that goal setting enjoys a close relationship with motivation and self-confidence.

Additionally, Gail Matthews' 2015 study demonstrated that committing goals to paper is incredibly important when it comes to achieving them.

goal setting actually works

People who set goals enjoy many benefits. Among these are:

  •  Enhanced Happiness. People who are achieving their goals have a more positive outlook and increased feelings of well-being. 
  • Greater Financial Success. When you meet your money goals, you may get a raise or finally start an IRA. 
  • Greater Productivity. Goal setters have a reputation for getting things done. You'll feel wonderful when you finish that big project at work or organize your house. 
  • Increased Peace of Mind. Thanks to effective goal setting, you'll worry less and feel more in control. 
  • Improved Health. Exercise and nutrition goals will have you feeling and looking better than ever. 
  • Realizing Dreams. People who are good at meeting goals are far more likely to realize their dreams. These could relate to home ownership, starting a business or enjoying more rewarding personal relationships.
  • Enhanced Gratitude. When people make a commitment to experiencing more gratitude in their life, they are setting themselves up to appreciate all of the richness and texture that surrounds them. They are more thankful and content with what they have, and they have a better understanding for what really matters to them. 


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    identify define and plan your goals
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