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Clever Fox Undated Weekly Planner In Action


Reach your goals faster, incorporate productivity and gratitude techniques into your daily life

This 1-Year compact size planner will help you set weekly, monthly, and daily goals, focus on what’s important, beat procrastination and live with passion. Comes in multiple colors.

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A Man with The Plans


"I can seriously say this planner is saving my life. For all chaotic, busy minds out there, this journal is the perfect item to have."
"Absolutely in love!"
"Easy Budgeting for Beginners!"
"Whether you are on the Dave Ramsey #BabySteps or you just want to tighten up the budget and achieve some fiscal goals, the Clever Fox Planner could definitely be something that helps you get there."

About Clever Fox

The Clever Fox Planner is an agenda, daily planner, gratitude journal and goal-setting tool all rolled into one.

It comes in a wide variety of colors that “pop” and look downright amazing. Be sure to check them out and pick the one that resonates with you.

We’re confident Clever Fox Planner will be THE planner to not only help you organize and improve your life, but it’ll reduce stress, and give you the sense of empowerment and proactive control you need to lead a life of success every day!

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