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Premium Weekly Planner, Forest Green

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This is an improved premium version of the original very first Clever Fox weekly planner. Premium has some new amazing features: the layout is much lighter and with more space for you to write your daily tasks and appointments. The most requested feature by our fans! The layout is simple and elegant - it does not have dark headers. Apart from everything the original weekly planner has, the premium edition has extra quarterly goals and an improved monthly review!


A planner that any person would really appreciate! Weekly Premium Edition comes undated, unlike most dated planners, you can start using it at any time of the year without wasting a page. By design all 12 months run in bulk and are separated from 54 weekly spreads, use 3 bookmarks to flip between weekly and monthly spreads. Vegan leather hardcover, thick 120gsm pearl white paper, pen holder, illustrated user guide and 6 sheets of stickers.




EAN: 4752165006200

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Susane P.
United States
LOVE the Premium Weekly Planner, Rose Gold

This planner is by its very name, is very clever. I love the quality, the thought behind it, and how attractive it is. I am just beginning my brainstorm on goals which is something I probably would not be doing if I didn’t acquire this type of planner. SO thank you! I did, however, go into full research to see which one is the best for me. A couple of things I would offer up to help people make more informed decisions that are snappier are as follows: 1) I’d like to see videos that depict the differences of each type of planner, followed up with what type of professional or even non professional it would be most appropriate for; like what is each planner geared toward... something along those lines. I had no idea the Ultimate Achiever was only 3 months—although I love everything about that planner… you have to dig a little with each of these products to figure out what’s what—not hard to do but time consuming 2) I’d love to see some time of spreadsheet that lays out what each planner has vs what it doesn’t in columns (kind of like what electronic stores do with similar products within the same brand, or even different brand) 3) the Premium Weekly Planner doesn’t have a “3 month review” after the last three months of the year!!! This one got me! Was hoping to do this for all 4 quarters of the year but this was missing! 4) A more clear guide on how to plan for goals using the actual different pages; i.e. what order, etc. Some of your videos are great art describing it—just not sure how to really go about it and where to start… also why not a video for each type of panner? 5) I also had no idea which would be better the budget “planner” or the budget “book…” Since the book seemed to have more general expense pages (I am a contractor and have to report expenses) I went with that… but the “planner” rather than the “book” seemed a bit more “thoughtful” in ways that the “book” is not. Just didn’t need so much around the Christmas spending as is in the “Planner” so that helped my decision a bit more, but that’s just me. 6) Also more tutorials on budget planning and using your book. Some YouTubers started to mention some interesting things but never went in-depth about any of it and talked more about the aesthetics of the planners rather than the more meaningful usage of the planners as it applies to the things of importance to plan. Not a bad thing but the videos were too “fluffy” in content, and good for the purposes of someone just seeing what the planner looks like, really.

Caitlin R.
United States
New Holy Grail Planner

I’ve used a wide range of planners, from Erin Condren to Plum Paper to Papier, and I think I’ve finally found my holy grail of planners. My CF planner is compact compared to many others on the market. However, the way that the weekly pages are broken down means that there’s sufficient space for me to list things throughout the week as they come up. I use the weekly spread the most, with events and deadlines in the left page, and to-do lists and priorities in the right. I love the compactness for throwing it in a bag, or having it not take up much space on my desk. The three page markers are great- I have one in the monthly, one in the current weekly (the darkest one, because it will be moved the most), and one in the notes pages which helps me refer to my updated projects. I’ve never had a planner before that forced me to think about my goals in smaller, manageable breakdowns. I struggled to complete some of the initial pages, like the vision board, but it’s been great to step back and think big picture about how I want my life to look. The paper quality is amazing. I’m a PaperMate Flair user, with Zebra Midliners, and there’s no bleeding or shadowing. I do occasionally smudge but that’s more of a reflection of my hurried scribbling than the paper. Prioritizing is something that I’ve always struggled with, and this planner is forcing me to really think about my outcomes for the week, and how to achieve them. Also, as a professional, this planner looks great at meetings and on my desk!

Melissa B.
United States
Best Planner I’ve Purchased

I could not be happier. The price is so reasonable. I received it super fast. The quality is amazing. And to receive the how to booklet was beyond my expectations. It’s a planner, a journal. All sorts of helpful information to give you direct on getting your life organized.

Afnan S.
United States
Such a great planner

It is a really good planner

Christina N.
United States
Very nice

I bought one of the budget planners for my daughter and I needed one for myself, so I bought this one thinking it was a budget planner. I ended up giving this to my daughter as an early birthday gift, she's turning 18 in a few weeks and I thought it would be perfect for her to help start organizing her life. She started writing in it right away and she loves the stickers! It's a beautiful book!