Clever Fox®

Password Book (Pocket Size), Aquamarine

Are your passwords out of control?

Clever Fox Password Book is specifically designed to store all your passwords in one place! With so many online accounts, remembering all your login details is almost impossible. On top of that, passwords have to be changed often and some have specific requirements, such as specific types and number of characters to be used. And you can't reuse an old password.


This password keeper book has been designed to be anonymous without an obvious title on the cover. For added security there is space to write hints instead of the password itself. It includes a quick start user manual on how to create a secure password and how to keep your passwords safe.


Large print for super-legibility and abundance of writing space (8mm - 5/16″ row height) are going to please people with larger handwriting. Alphabetized tabs will help you find your passwords quickly instead of scrolling through pages and pages of notes.