Clever Fox®

Fitness Journal, Neon Green

Studies show that using a workout journal helps you get fitter faster by keeping track of your progress and seeing firsthand if you are sticking to a steady exercise routine. This fitness journal works for any fitness goal, regardless of whether the goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or win a sports competition. This fitness planner motivates and inspires by showing you the extent of your progress.

To ensure you have the most optimal results in reaching your fitness goals, fitness experts created detailed tracking layouts, including a designated section to track cardio versus strength training. Use the weekly progress tracker to track your weight, measurements or record your weightlifting progress. Now…go and track those reps!

Clever Fox workout planner is made from thick, high quality, 120 gsm paper that does not bleed and will survive the wear and tear of everyday use. Its strong, spiral-bound construction was made for easy use at the gym. It is A5 sized, measuring 5.8 inches wide and 8.3 inches long, making it compact and lightweight. This workout notebook comes with a quick start user manual.

Clever Fox workout logbook starts with 2 pages for setting your fitness goals and your current and desired measurements. There are 2 pages for writing your goals, 4 pages for your weekly progress tracking, 1 page with a calendar, followed by 127 daily pages (lasts 4 months of everyday use). At the end of the Clever Fox fitness planner, there are dot-grid pages for notes, to-dos, recipes, and shopping lists.