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Ultimate Achiever's 13-Week Planner, Onyx Black

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  • DESIGNED FOR 90 DAY GOALS, LASTS 3 MONTHS - Studies show that 90 days is the ultimate duration for achieving goals. They are not too long or too short. Successful people know that setting one, five, or ten-year goals is pointless without planning on how to get there. Setting 90-day goals is the secret formula that many successful business owners give credit for their success to.
  • IMPROVE WORK-LIFE BALANCE, BUILD NEW HABITS & FEEL HAPPIER - Become your best self by setting and achieving goals in all of the important areas of your life. We guide you with specialized sections not found in other time management planners. We show you how to break down goals into achievable milestones and to stay motivated by rewarding yourself. Follow the simple steps and start enjoying a balanced work-life while achieving goals!
  • UNDATED, LUXURIOUS & ORIGINAL GIFT - Ultimate Achiever's planner comes undated. Unlike most dated planners, you can start using it at any time of the year without wasting a page. By design, 3 months run in bulk and are separated from 13 weeks and 93 days. Use 3 colorful bookmarks to flip between weekly, monthly, and daily spreads. Hardcover made from animal-friendly material, thick 120gsm heavy-duty pearl white paper, pen holder, elastic band, illustrated user guide, and 6 sheets of stickers.
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Emily W.
United States United States
When you already know what you need to accomplish

Packaging - looks like a luxury item pulling it from the box. I worry about the environmental impact of the plastic and laminated cardboard, though. Think I'd prefer something like compostable or recycled paper wrapping. Cover - binding feels like it will come loose from the pages, but thankfully it won't. Wish this thing could lay flat, but that's probably too big an ask for something that's not on metal rings. Planner - If you already know what you need to get done, but you just need help staying on task, this is THE planner. I have ADHD and I'm writing a dissertation. I've tried basically every 90 day planner on the market (90 day planners are the only way to go if you're serious about your goals and/or have ADHD) at this point and I speak from significant experience. It won't help if you're not sure what you want to accomplish - there's no goal brainstorming pages here like in some other planners. This is for completing concrete tasks with deadlines or milestones. And it works. It really does. Especially if you suffer from time blindness, this planner helps you to understand exactly how short 90 days really is - and how much you can realistically accomplish. Downsides are the lack of monthly/4 week review pages (to help chunk together all the little pieces in your mind), and the need for more scribble space (almost half of the daily review, or the "life areas" bit on the daily page, could be axed to make space for this; I live out of my planner and need to make more notes). Also, I wish the scheduler let you write in the hours instead of having 5am - 10pm already printed; I'm a night owl, and I have to write over the text to suit my own schedule. Other than that, though, this thing is the bomb. I wish they'd fix up these minor problems because I think this product is so much better than anything else out there that I keep buying them. Other planners just have too much fluff or else not enough checking in (like the daily review). Misc - I've bought 3 Clever Fox planners now and I wish they'd vary the stickers from time to time. These are getting a bit boring.

April H.
United States United States
Nice planner

I like the organization of the planner, I just wish there were more monthly calendars. One extra month is not enough.

Stefanie C.
United States United States
Excellent for Beginners

I like the layout, the ease of how to set and achieve the goals. So far, it looks like I'm on my way.

Hannah T.
United States United States
It’s okay, but not ideal.

I loved my old Clever Fox PRO weekly planner, but I only used it for six months and then it was stolen out of my car with my backpack. Bright side, I got to get a new planner and I had been interested in trying the ultimate achiever daily planner. While I like having lines for each hour of the day, and a whole two page spread per day, those are kind of the only features I am appreciating. It is great to have the dotted lines section on the daily spread, for journaling and note taking, but that is not unique to the Ultimate Achiever planner. It is a little odd flipping to the weekly section to fill in the bubbles of my habit trackers. I appreciate the daily affirmation section, and having separate work and personal to do lists. Writing the correlating “number” of each goal next to the day’s priorities seems kind of useless, I am not remembering which number is which and it just doesn’t add to the experience. I find filling in the daily activities for each “life area” to be really repetitive, when most of those activities are already written in my daily schedule. So I’m writing them twice, and it feels like wasted space. The cover of the planner is absolutely gorgeous. It looks expensive and high quality, and I especially love the metal CleverFox embellishment. However, the binding has an awkwardness to it, as the fabric cover bubbles out a lot when it is opened. The ribbons are also way too thick, I much preferred the ribbons on my old weekly planner. The Ultimate Achiever ribbons are so thick they don’t stay in place very well, and their placement makes them stick out a lot at the top. The keepsake box is a nice touch, but also so unnecessary. It came with a ton of stickers I did not need; I’d rather spend a couple bucks less on the planner and have no stickers. Or even spend the same amount on the planner and have no stickers. It seems a lot of thought went into the appearance of the planner, but the experience of using it hasn’t been refined. Overall I find myself not enjoying so many of the features. I committed to the planner, and enjoyed determining five major goals that could be tackled in thirteen weeks, but some disappointment has led to occasionally neglecting to write in it on some days. I’m not as thrilled about it as I was before I started using it. Next time, I’ll be going back to the Weekly PRO planner, or I might try the “premium” version that I think is newer as of the past year.

Ellen P.
United States United States
Exactly what I have been searching for

At last a planner with Monthly, weekly and daily pages!!! Love the week overview and goal setting. Does help you see where you have imbalance in your life as well. And love that the schedule is on the half hour too!