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Undated Daily Planner, Pink


It’s called the Clever Fox Daily for the simple reason that it has a separate page for each day of the week, with a daily schedule that runs from 6AM to 9PM. A separate page for each day of the week has an hourly schedule, today's main goal, priorities, personal to-do list and daily productivity review section. It is great for people with busy daily schedules and lots of hourly appointments throughout the day.

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I absolutely love organization and planning my days, weeks, months. This daily planner gives me the layout of organizing my day without me having to think of all the headers, priority tabs etc. It even has time frames per day! I don't plan on going back to a simple store bought planner, ever! I just purchased the weekly planner for my business, cannot wait to get that one this week. YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE!


Unbelievable Deal and Impact

This is the most EFFECTIVE, MOTIVATING tool I have ever found for planning out productivity and getting moving on my projects. I have looked for something like this for years and finally you've created it for me. It's simply a question of quality of life. If you have big ideas, dreams, places you want your life to take you, you need a plan that isn't insane or rigid. You need tools that work with human foibles and the limits of time and resources. This planner lets you be ambitious and dream big while not getting down on yourself for imperfections. It has goals but it's not goal obsessed. It's about living your life in such a way that your daily behavior will eventually instantiate your goals. It's about positive self-regard and always being able to see what you've done RIGHT. Too many productivity tools make you feel like you're the problem, like you're the reason your dreams aren't happening. Clever Fox planner lets you see that you are fine exactly as you are and while your dreams are counting on you, life is larger than something as banal as simple goal setting. it's organic, holistic and joyful. From the form factor to the materials to the thoughtful design, you won't find a better way to act on your best self.

Christina M.
United States United States

Love. Love. Love.

Absolutely love it. I purchased this planner because I found google calendar the best option to plan my life, appointments, work, sports etc. I am using this planner for productivity and reflection. So far I am loving it.

Amber G

The best planner I've ever owned

I started using the Clever Fox Daily Planner on June 1; it is now June 15, and my productivity has more than doubled already! I love this planner. I am a huge proponent of living with intentionality, and this planner helps me accomplish that. Also, I have more down time to spend doing things that are important to me (since the planner allows you to plan out personal goals each week as well). Most importantly, my stress level has vastly reduced since I began using this planner. As a full-time PhD student who also works and tries to maintain some semblance of a personal life, this planner has been one of the best purchases I've ever made. In addition to the planner itself helping me make improvements in my life, the design is lovely. The color is beautiful, and the faux leather material is soft and durable. I've taken this planner with me to a conference, and it survived the trip without a scratch. It also comes in an adorable and durable keepsake box. I love the icon stickers, too, as well as the different colored ribbons so that you can mark your the different places where you have goals listed or achievements you're proud of, etc. I will definitely buy another one of these when I run out of pages in this planner. This is a must have for grad students!

Angela D.
United States United States

Awesome Planner for College

This planner has boosted my productivity so much. Without it, I don't know if i would have accomplished as much as I have so far. The paper quality is great and every prompt is well thought-out and helpful. I love having a section for each and every hour of the day from 6am to 9pm, so I can really plan things out. Also, the price is great for how much this planner has to offer.